Summer Program

Chapman Montessori School will be holding a 9 to 10 week summer program through June - August! All children between the ages of 2 yrs - 12 yrs are welcome. To learn more about our summer school program, please contact our Chapman Montessori at 800.587.0725 or email

2024 Summer -Summer Program 2024.pdf

Events may be altered to ensure we are in compliance with COVID-19 safety procedures. 

(Summer Program themes will vary every year)

Please check 2024 Summer school calendar

2024 Summer -Summer Program 2024.pdf

Summer Program Themes

Week 1: Let’s Get Acquainted 

Activities include celebrating Independence Day, silly faces photos and friends’ interviews. Art projects. Friday - Splash Day  and much, much more!

Week 2: Butterflies & Ladybugs

Activities include making friendship bracelets. Butterfly egg hatch & life cycles of a butterfly. Movie of the world of insects. Arts and crafts. Montessori work. Friday- Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 3: Our Fabulous Five Senses

Explore the environment using five senses, water based art projects. Music. Yoga. Spanish lessons. Plant Seedling. Montessori Work. Thursday-Educational Movie Time. Friday -Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 4: Junior Scientist/Dinosaurs

Learn about Dinosaurs and fossils, make Dino Eggs. Learn and discuss the changes in consistency. Make your own Jell-O. Montessori Work. Spanish Lessons. Friday-Splash day. Thursday- Movie Time and much, much more!

Week 5: International Week

Activities include learning about the continents, food, costumes, music, arts, and cultural events. Montessori Work. Music & Dance. Yoga. Friday Splash Day.

Week 6: Imaginaries

Activities include unique inventions using recyclables, marbles, kitchen gadgetry...etc. Montessori Work. Spanish Lessons. Thursday-Movie Time. Friday-Splash day and much, much more!

Week 7: Disney and Fairy Tales

History of Disney. Story Time. Arts & Crafts. Disney Movie day.  Montessori Work. Spanish lessons. Friday-Splash Day and much, much more!

Week 8: Summer Science

Activities include experiments with -Acids and Bases. Changes in the State of Matter. Art Projects. Montessori Work.  Friday -Splash Day and much, much more

Week 9: Chapman Olympics

Activities include puzzle making contests, relay races, obstacle courses, paper airplane contest, Water Fun, Movie Time and much, much more!

End of the summer Camp

* Activities may change due to weather or events